Exercise and structure to survive COVID-19 isolation

First, I am back – after a hiatus of almost 2 years during which time I made a mistake – did not renew my domain host on time – and lost the 60 or so posts on my www.makesenseoflife.com blog –

I was not certain I was going to pick up and continue my blog, but COVID-19 and my forced isolation showed me that having a clear goal would help me – and others too – to make the most of this situation.

How are you doing amid the COVID-19 crisis? After China, Europe, Italy in particular has been terribly hit with cases and deaths – here in North America, we are just beginning to experience it – the numbers are still low but growing and measures have been taken – schools closed, working from home for public servants and many other workers – recreation centers, classes of all kinds, gym closed, restaurants closed, except for take out or delivery and many other restrictions on our usual way of life.

If you are like many people who need to work from home and take care of the children at the same time, you are most likely feeling overwhelmed. If like me, in semi-retirement and others who have either been let go of employment, or those who are self-employed and had to close their business, time can drag on with so much uncertainty and not much to occupy the mind.


Although I have not accomplished much during this first week of COVID-19 reality, I did go outside for a walk every day. Alone, on quiet streets or on a trail outside of town. Once I met my daughter and grand daughter, and we walked together, at a respectable distance of each other. Keeping active is necessary for everyone – even if you need to work and mind the kids. Do make time for a brisk walk, 20-30 minutes, ideally twice a day. If you have the kids at home, and need to bring the kids, fine, but even better if you can just take a break by yourself . A well deserved “me time”.

If like me you live alone and you are not sick, it’s totally ok to walk with a friend as long as you keep a respectable distance. Human interaction with a loved one “live” is a wonderful change.

This is the action to take today: move the body – ideally outside – minimum of 20-30 minutes – if you can do an hour, great. You will feel better and sleep like a baby.

See you